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Losing weight is a process — one that will not always happen as quickly as you would like. While healthy weight loss takes time, there are reasons you may not be losing weight.

For instance, you could be committed to working out regularly, but you’re not burning enough calories. Maybe you exercise enough and eat well, but you have an underlying medical condition that interferes with your capacity to shed weight. Here we consider four of the reasons you may not be losing weight.

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Being stressed and gaining weight go hand-in-hand. Having persistent stress could contribute to various health issues. Stress could cause you to experience more food cravings, which leads to you reaching for your favorite comfort food. Let’s face it, most comfort foods are high in fats and sugar. Cravings, especially late at night, could be one of the main factors keeping you from your weight loss goals.

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Not Getting Adequate Sleep

A majority of people do not get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. Poor sleeping habits could make you feel lethargic the following day, which makes the body crave food, especially sugar. It may be difficult to lose weight if we listen to the hunger cues caused by the body’s lack of energy. Do your body and weight loss journey a favor by striving towards an earlier bedtime.

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High Calorie Intake

A significant factor during a weight loss journey is the number of calories you eat compared to the calories you burn. It’s harder to lose weight if you’re not burning enough calories during your exercises. If you don’t track your calories daily, you could be eating more than you think. Most people are likely to underestimate their caloric intake, especially when they dine out.

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It’s a hard truth to face, but the reality is we aren’t always able to choose the body type we want. When analyzing weight, genes have a significant correlation, as they account for over 70% of the differences in people’s body weight. That being said, your weight loss goals can still be achievable with the help of a healthy diet.

Losing weight is not always easy and various factors could bring it to a halt. At a basic level, you could be failing to reach your weight loss objectives because of a high-calorie intake. You could also be stressed, not getting enough sleep, or maybe your genetics are getting in the way. In the end, losing weight and the resulting body changes requires patients and resilience. For additional help on your weight loss journey, contact Results Research group today!

Discover the Benefits of Our Products


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